Garden Seed Companies

Organic seeds are becoming more and more available locally. We even managed to get a bunch of organic seeds at one of the local big box retailers last spring. That's a very good thing, and shows how much the organic consciousness has started to become the norm and is now available to everyone.

However, I still prefer to get our seeds from the companies listed here, some of which I can get at the local health food store, some I order online. The wonderful thing about these seed companies is that they have been dedicated to organic seed production for a long time, and have a greater expertise. Most importantly, they have an incredible variety of seeds to chose from in each category.

Like lettuce? How about 50 different varieties of heritage, organic lettuce seeds, some of which grow better in the early spring, some closer to the heat of the summer, and each with a different taste and crunch.

Some of our favorite companies, listed in alphabetical order, are below. Some only have organic seeds, some have a mixture of both organic and conventional.

Abundant Life Seeds

High Mowing Seeds

Johnny's Selected Seeds

Seeds of Change

Territorial Seed Company

A list of organic seed companies can be found at:
Organic Seed Alliance

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) has an organic seeds database, where you can look up the seeds you're interested in, and it will tell you what companies carry it. If you know you really must have those organic fenugreek seeds for your garden this year, this is the place to go:
OMRI Organic Seeds Database