Our understanding of the body;
the diagnostic techniques that we use;
the individualization of the diet, supplements and treatments;
are unique to HNNH.

No other clinic,
naturopathic, alternative or otherwise, does what we do.

We have a 3-stage model of how the body works that guides us in understanding you. This model is a result of my experience over the last 20 years, combining my training and experience as a naturopathic doctor, a licensed acupuncturist, and various constitutional systems, BioPhenotype (blood type markers), Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

At the core is your Constitution, a combination of the BioPhenotype and Elemental Balance– who you are when you’re healthy, and therefore what we’re aiming for in your healing. We are not all the same, and without an understanding of what your core needs are, and where you’re heading towards, it’s impossible to know what the body needs to get healthy. Historically there were many healthy cultures that did different, almost contradictory things to stay healthy – how do we know which one should be your guide?

Next are the Organ systems – what’s functioning well, and what’s having difficulty are fundamental questions. If you don’t know where the weaknesses in the system are, you can’t know where to focus.

Finally, the Manifestation-Disease – what symptom is actually manifesting in the body as a result of the imbalances.

Once we have an actual understanding of why you have the condition, we can treat to help resolve it. There are 3 basic tools –
Diet, Supplements and Treatments.

Diet is core – but Diet is really baseline maintenance for the body. Proper Diet keeps the body healthy, but if there are weaknesses in the body, it isn’t enough to repair it.

Supplements are for repair – concentrated nutrients, whether as vitamins, herbs, or glandular help the organs and tissues of the body repair and heal.

Treatments to clean the body and repair organs – we use the widest array of treatments to clean/detoxify the body, and help strengthen weakened systems.

Asthma is a simple example to look at. We can give herbs and nutrients for asthma and people will get better, but they are still asthmatics taking our supplements to compensate for imbalances in the body. But if we apply our model to understand the body, we can potentially clear the condition completely. For one person eating dairy and a weakness in the Lungs might be the key, while for another, the Stomach and poor digestion is the cause.

So, if you want to heal your body’s weaknesses and experience yourself at an optimum level of health, our
Individualized Constitutional Medicinesm approach is the best way.