Long Distance Care

Many patients come from a far distance to receive care at HNNH. For those patients, the Intensive Care Stay (ICS) is often the best option.
We are located in a beautiful, historic New England Seacoast town with many fine local hotels and availability of fresh, organic foods nearby.

If this will be your first visit to Human Nature Natural Health please let the front desk know when you schedule your appointment that you are coming from a distance, and they will help you plan your stay.

Once in our facility, you will find a locker room in which to change into a comfortable bathrobe and slippers and secure your belongings. We also feature a lounge in which to relax and enjoy a cup of tea or provided lunch in between treatments.

All new long distance care patients begin their experience with a Comprehensive New Patient Exam which includes our unique Individualized Constitutional Medicinesm approach. Once this is complete all relevant medical history is obtained, and a long-term plan of diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplements and natural therapies is prescribed.

All treatments are available here at HNNH, and delivered by our caring and expert staff. The availability of these therapies allows us to tailor a plan to meet your needs that can be immediately implemented. Patients may experience up to seven different treatments in the course of a single day, maximizing the use of your precious time, and accelerating progress toward healing of any conditions requiring treatment.

Patients spend anywhere from 1 day to several weeks with us, depending on their condition and desires for treatment. A treatment schedule will be prescribed by the doctor for the length of the stay. Patients spend part or all of the day with us, receiving treatments and relaxing in our lounge in between.