Footbaths - Lymphatic Cleansing

The German Footbath is used to clear the blood and lymphatic circulations of impurities. For reasons that are not yet understood by science, the soles of the feet have a special relationship to the body as a whole.
This relationship has been utilized for thousands of years in reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, the natural medicine system of India, among others. Detoxification of the circulation and tissues is among the primary goals of natural medicine systems around the world, as it enhances recovery of many conditions and promotes overall health and vitality.

Patients immerse their feet in the basin of water, to which has been added a blend of imported herbs and minerals. The activator is switched on, and within minutes the patient experiences a burning or tingling sensation on the bottom of the feet. This is the signal to turn the activator off, as the burning can become painful. The thermometer clearly shows that the burning sensation is not related to an increase in water temperature. Treatment time is 20 minutes per session.