Comprehensive Exam

Our most commonly used approach for the patient who is fully committed to attaining and maintaining optimal health, no matter what their starting condition may be. This type of examination is suited for anyone, including children, who is ready to adopt a way of living that promotes well-being and longevity, but is especially recommended for anyone seeking help for more serious conditions.

This is a global assessment of your current health status including specific knowledge of your innate strengths and liabilities through our Individualized Constitution Medicinesm approach.

Our Philosophy
Optimum health is a balance between appropriate inputs and outputs to the system. When we teach each person what's optimum for them, they can make better, more balanced choices in their life.

Individualized Constitutional Medicinesm is the understanding and recognition that we all, at our core, have different needs for health, that what worked for one person, will not work for another and what worked for you at one point in your life, may not work for you now.

Once we know your Constitutional needs, the examination gives specific insights into your requirements to heal, and guides your doctor in tailoring your guidelines. You will leave with an Individualized Nutrition Guide which details the perfect diet, supplements and natural therapies for healthy living that will continually evolve as your health improves.

After a 2-4 week period you will have a complimentary Progress Check to answer any questions, and do any fine-tuning of your recommendations that may be necessary.

The initial diet, supplement and therapy recommendations given are usually valid for a period of 3 months, after which a Reexam is recommended in order to evaluate how far the body has come, and what the next set of recommendations should be in order to continue the healing process.