Woody Bliss

For one year, I have been in remission from acute leukemia (AML). Now age 77, since my diagnosis over a year ago, I have been under the care of Dr. Ian Bier at Human Nature Natural Health as well as an excellent hematologist-oncologist at a nearby regional hospital. What a fine combination! It has certainly worked for me.

With my oncologist’s full support, I have received periodic comprehensive exams at HNNH and have followed a daily schedule of herbal supplements prescribed by the doctors there. After each outpatient chemo treatment at the hospital I travel to HNNH for a special infusion of cleansing, energy-and-immune-boosting vitamins and herbs. I get monthly acupuncture as well.

Staying in remission is never to be taken for granted and is often difficult to maintain. My oncologist says, “Whatever you‘re doing, keep it up!”
My primary-care physician, also excellent and a strong supporter, says, “Frankly, given your condition a year ago, I’d say this is nearly a miracle!” I treasure every day, and I appreciate my team and what they’re doing for me!*
Woody Bliss

*Disclaimer : results may vary from person to person