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Dear Dr. Bier, We would like you give you an update on the condition of our son Luke's hands. First we need to take you back to when he was a boy of 3.
One day we noticed a couple of warts on Luke's hands. As parents, we monitored but did not think much of them. Within 6 months they had covered both his hands with over 100 warts, individual and clusters. We are not exaggerating. We have included the pictures we took to help us monitor his condition.

Somewhere we read that duct tape got rid of warts. My husband Craig started covering as many of the warts as possible with duct tape. He also covered his own fingers as a sign of unity for our son. This went on for a couple of months. The story we had read was true -- duct tape does get rid of warts -- until you remove the tape and they grow back.

At the end of the duct tape experiment we visited friends in Scituate MA. They had 2 girls 1 and 3 years older than Luke. During our stay at our friends we overheard the mother tell the daughters not to hold Luke's hands. Last time he was over one of the girls 'caught' warts from him!
That was the last straw. The warts were taking over. Within 6 months Luke would be in pre-k at the local daycare. Something had to be done. We did not want our son being treated as a pariah for his first school experience.

When we took Luke to see Dr. Bier he had already perfomed 'miracles' for our family. Those stories will be for another time. What we were looking for was another miracle. Once again Dr. Bier delivered. After his initial exam a tincture was prescribed. Twice the dose was increased. By the third time things started to happen.

One day, about 3 weeks after Luke's appointment, we thought we noticed a reduction in size of a couple 'clusters'. With over 100 warts it was hard to tell. We remained optimistic. 1 week later we were certain they were shrinking. 6 weeks after his appointment with Dr. Bier and the administering of the tincture the warts were GONE.

That was 6 years ago. They have never returned.

Skeptics would call it a coincidence. We don't believe in coincidence. That coupled with other miracles perfomed by Dr. Bier and his staff we believe he CURED our son Luke of warts -- plain and simple! Another miracle!
Our entire family has benefited from the incredible and compassionate care from Human Nature Natural Health. We are forever grateful.*

Cindy, Craig, Luke and Lena Rose
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Auburn, NH 03032
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