Yogurt Maker

Making your own yogurt is easy, and an inexpensive way to make sure you are eating yogurt with all of the beneficial bacteria still alive and present.

One of our favorite machines is the Yolife yogurt maker . It comes with individual serving glass jars that you can take with you, and a larger cover so that you can make yogurt in almost any container.

For making yogurt with any milk, (cow, soy, rice, almond etc) all you need is about 3-6 ounces of live yogurt from the health food store. Place the yogurt in a large bowl, and mix the milk slowly into the yogurt so that you get an even dispersal of the yogurt in the milk. Put the mixture in the jars, cover them with the top and plug in the yogurt maker. Within 12-24 hours, depending on the culture, milk, and how thick and sour you like it, the yogurt will be ready. The longer you leave it in the machine, generally the thicker and more sour it will be.

Put the yogurt in the fridge and leave the last 3-6 ounces to start making it again.