If your BioPhenotype is F, it means that that there are approximately one million fucose molecules on the surface of your cells. These are the sugar molecules that define the O blood type, although the markers are on every cell in your body, not just on the red blood cells, and often free floating in your fluids (stomach acid, saliva etc)

The presence of fucose indicates a high need for dietary protein, including often generous portions of red meat such as bison and beef. However, there is at the same time a need for heavy aerobic, or cardio, exercise. If a person of this type attempts to consume red meat without exercising regularly, there may be a buildup of toxins in the blood, as the meat won’t be properly metabolized. If this is your type and you try to exercise without properly fueling your system with protein, there is a danger that you will run your body down rather than build it up. Both protein AND cardio exercise are important.

Exercise plays a vital role in the mental and emotional health of this type as well. This is not to say that people of the F type love exercise, many would much rather sit on the couch. Once you get going, however, you notice how good it feels to exercise, and you enjoy the pleasant, relaxed feeling that it brings when you are done. If done first thing in the morning, exercise can help keep you centered, balanced and focused throughout the day. Good, hard exercise brings clarity to the mind for this type. Long sitting brings about a comfortable sluggishness. Therefore, you will get the most out of your potential if you exercise daily, and interrupt long periods of sitting by getting up and moving periodically.

People of this type generally have the potential to be quickly decisive, but often lose their decisiveness through over-thinking their dilemmas, and asking others for their opinions. Learn to trust your gut instincts and follow your heart. You are born with a reliable guide in the feelings in your body. If you follow them rather than the distractions of your mind, you will find that the answers to seemingly difficult decisions can come to you swiftly and easily.