Oxygen Facial

Breathe new life into your skin with the luxurious combination of a classic European Facial, therapeutic detoxifying massage, and vitamin-enriched oxygen and Co-Q10 masks blended with high potency Bio-Swiss serums customized to target and treat your most delicate skincare needs.

We then add a blast of vitamin-infused Pure O2 via our exclusive PureBlue Oxygen machine. The Organic O2 experience nourishes every skin cell and promotes longterm health and beauty of your skin, leaving your face firm, fresh and glowing!

Conditions Treated With O2 Facials Include
  • Hyper-pigmentation - sun spots, liver spots
  • Anti-aging to reduce wrinkles
  • Collagen boosting to support the skin
  • Inflamed skin, such as rosacea or redness
  • Soothing and calming for sensitive skin
  • Deep-cleansing for oily skin and acne